Today (surprisingly) did not follow the trend set by previous days and wasn’t particularly wet or dull, which set us up for what was a successful day. As usual we had breakfast followed by room check and bank. Next we journeyed to St Thomas’ to sing and lead Morning Eucharist. During the service all of the boys sang spectacularly, with lots of less senior boys involved in solo groups (and singing with much confidence).

Once the service ended we returned to the hotel to have a delicious Sunday roast with a variety of food to choose from such as chicken, beef or a nut roast. Ready to go and refuelled the boys prepared to make the voyage to Ramsay. First of all we got onto a tram where the 25 minute tram ride transported us to Laxey. Here we briefly stopped to take in the marvellous sight of the Laxey Wheel turning. The next leg of the journey was completed by car due to the fact we had to arrive early to indulge in the banquet provided by the volunteers of the Parish of St Paul, Ramsey.
We then practised inside the church before the service. The service was similar to the Eucharist; spectacular with even more brilliant solo groups and readers. Oliver Turberfield sang his first solo in ‘O God You Search Me’ which was sung beautifully. This solo rounded off the whole week and showed us, and the adults, how much we have improved as people and as choristers. On the way home we took the mountain road to view the sights of the Island, Ramsay and the Irish sea.

On arrival at the Hydro, we were immediately sent to go and pack and get ready for tomorrow’s departure. After this Mr Catterall commented on the overall performance of this week. Much like Mr Catterall said, we would like to say many thanks to our team leaders Cameron Mcateer, Josh Dryland, James Bettess, Jacob Egan and James Jones for their contribution towards the week and the extra help they’ve given us as well as all other choristers. We hope you have enjoyed our daily blogs over the last week and that they have given a little bit of an insight into the exciting days of the Isle of Man trip.

Head Choristers: Thomas Whalley, Ben Hodson and Finlay Walsh.



  1. Well done boys. Fantastic blog, really interesting, especially for the first timers. Thank you and have a well deserved rest!


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