The day began at 7.30am.
With the weather being dull, dreary and wet it meant there was no early morning walk. Therefore, after a very filling breakfast, room inspection and bank, we set off down to
St Thomas’ Church for our practice. Halfway through the practice (due to Pickwick's closing) the kind ladies of St Thomas’ put on a tuck shop for all the boys. During the practice, ‘first-timers’ Jake Hindle, Matthew Hickey, Jacob Mason, Oliver Turberfield and Shaun Tallentire all proved that they are very capable of contributing to the music that we sing.

After this free time followed, when the boys went into town or relaxed back at the hotel. Next was lunch, after which we travelled to Ballasalla to rehearse processing and finish practising for the day.
Due to the weather the timetable was altered and we journeyed to the swimming centre instead of Port Erin.
After using up lots energy at the pool we returned to change into church clothes and eat dinner, where the highlight was pork loin.

We then set of to the Abbey Church where all the boys sang a very good service. As well as this, lesson readers Oliver Turberfield and James Cross read very competently along with prayer readers Michael Marshall, Jacob Egan, Daniel Harper, Thomas Whalley and Finlay Walsh. Lachlan Walsh finished the service off with a great solo. We then returned to the hotel to gain much needed rest for the next day.


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