Saturday: This morning we were greeted by stereotypical British weather: wet and dreary!  Nevertheless, the lack of sunshine did not stop us from celebrating joyfully with Jake Hindle as today was his birthday.  The morning began with a rendition of Happy Birthday and Jake received cards from his family and friends in the Choir.  Having been fuelled by our usual cooked breakfast, cereal and other delicious food, we hastily hopped into our mode of transport and journeyed to St Thomas’s to rehearse.  However, unlike every other morning, today we were visited by Manx Radio who came to speak to our Choristers and record some of our singing.  Daniel Harper, Ben Hodson, Shaun Tallentire, Finlay Walsh, Lachlan Walsh, Thomas Whalley and Thomas Wren were all interviewed individually about life in the Choir.  This will be aired on the Sunday morning Praise programme with Judith Ley.  

Once we had returned to the hotel, we enjoyed chicken nuggets, chips and beans for our lunch and this was followed by the Head Choristers and Team Leaders heading off to the Venture Centre for their afternoon of activities.  The Junior Boys instead travelled to Castle Rushen in Castletown as the weather had caused a necessary change to planned schedule.  Tired, wet and muddy, the Head Choristers and Team Leaders returned having thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon.  

After a quick turnaround, dinner followed and the highlight of the meal this evening was Vegetable Moussaka.  We then travelled to St Thomas’s where the boys led a very well sung service of Evensong.  As always, lesson readers, James Jones and Finley Lawrenson, read superbly and the prayer readers, Matthew Hickey, Ben Hodson, Henry Holding, Lachlan Walsh and Thomas Whalley read with clarity and meaning.  In addition, Jacob Egan sang a solo in ‘How can I keep from singing’ and James Jones in ‘O God you search me and you know me’, both of which were wonderful.  

In the usual fashion, we returned to the Hotel for sleep in preparation for our Sunday services.  However, before doing so, we sang again to Jake Hindle and all enjoyed a slice of birthday cake to close another fabulous day.  


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