The Day started with a walk along the glorious promenade. The boys that went on the walk thoroughly enjoyed it. We then went to breakfast which filled us up for the busy day.

The morning practice was very successful. Oliver Turberfield, Lachlan Walsh, Thomas Wren, Daniel Harper and Jacob Egan practiced their solo group for the evensong which was very impressive. After the practice, some of the older boys went into town to do some shopping, whilst some of the younger boys went on the horse tram. New boys Matthew, Jake, Jacob and Shaun were really looking forward to experiencing this rare and unique mode of transport. This was particularly good as the promenade looked stunning due to the magnificent sun.

We then returned to the hotel for some lunch, and immediately after finishing we went to St Matthew’s Church to run through the service. Once we had finished the practice, we jetted off to Port Erin for a fun afternoon of football and, if you’re Finlay Lawrenson, Jake Hindle or Matthew Hickey, building impressive sandcastles and tide defences.

After the afternoon’s activities, we went back to the hotel to get changed and have tea. Many of the boys enjoyed either stir fry, cottage pie or breaded plaice. We paused during the meal to perform for the hotel guests in the dining room, with Thomas Wren giving a great solo.

The tea was quickly devoured so we set off
to the service. The boys did a brilliant performance overall and the solo group was especially good. The Walsh brothers read the two lessons beautifully. Shaun, Jacob Mason and the other prayer readers did very well, too. Once again Lachlan Walsh did a fantastic solo at the end of the service. After we had finished, the kind people of St Matthew’s had refreshments for us. We chatted with the people of the church before making our return trip to the hotel.


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