After a smooth boarding which followed a couple of frantic phone calls enquiring about boarding passes carelessly forgotten by Mr Ranson, the Treble section were on their way to the Isle of Man and a hard week of fun and interesting choral singing began.

Once the 2½ hour journey of sweet-eating and movie-watching was over, we were on Manx soil, where we were greeted by the familiar sights of Douglas promenade and the Hydro Hotel.

Sometime later we were all unpacked and we headed down for a pre-tour meeting. Then we took our first and certainly not last walk around the island.

Next came our history lesson for the day, given by Mr Catterall.
Today’s topic was the TT races. We were all hungry after this, so we were delighted when the time for dinner came - the most favoured dish was cod. Next, we prepared ourselves for the first of many practices at St Thomas’ Church, after which we returned tired to the hotel and headed to bed to end the first day.




  1. So glad to see you all arrived safely on the island. Great Blog post, keep them coming please!


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